Lanky the Clown

Lanky's Corner has the most energetic and colorful ground entertainment for your event. Over 35 years of clowning experience and a large variety of services make this company a source of comedy entertainment for your fair, festival, corporate event, and other amusement venues. Our characters have traveled the world to bring smiles and laughter to over 10 different countries. Just click on a button of the website to see the variety of characters and entertainment skills available.

We also provide specialty items for the clown profession. Make up remover, face cream and other skin care products all made with natural ingredients. No petroleum chemical or perfumes. The "products" button on this page can take you to a description of these and some novelty items just great for the person "behind the clown".

Please take a look around the website and don't hesitate to contact me for any entertainment or products you may need. Have fun!!

Click to send me an email: info@clownone.com

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